Hall of Justice

District courthouse to assist local judiciary

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Last Submission Date: January 04, 2022

Last Registration Date: January 03, 2022

Language: English

Country: Washington, United States

Prizes: 24,000$

Type: Open Competition

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About Competition

The brief for the “Hall of Justice” challenge is to design a courthouse that represents qualities of a good democracy, for, of, and by its people.

Courthouses are part of this political fabric that has served as a centre of the law and government throughout history. Their role is more than being an icon of power, but rather in being a space that is of service to its people.

A civic structure is extremely context-dependent and the design must reflect its connection with the region it is placed in. The courthouse as a typology is daunting due to its tense ambiance and functional qualities of the judiciary. But levity can be added to design with social spaces and greenery. Privacy and permeability must be guided consciously.

The intended aim of the design is to establish a healthy connection between the judicial system and public life. Functional aspects and the purpose of the courthouse must be uninhibited in any design. Security measures need to be incorporated in the design since the place will serve judges, convicts, jurors, victims, and law-abiding citizens.


Concept – Courthouse must make law and justice accessible to every individual. People who serve, and people who are being served, their daily lives in these spaces need to be designed.

Accessible – The structure must be designed barrier-free so that every citizen can enter. The access points must be allocated, programmatically.

Form + Space – The structure must have some openness and transparency so that it remains connected to the outside, public realm of the city. Design must be welcoming to the public.

Landmark – The courthouse will become the icon of pride of the local community.

Context – The design must respond to the (existing) site conditions. The wider socio-cultural, economic, and environmental settings are to be considered in the design approach.

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Requirements / Eligibility

The competitions are open for students and professionals from all the disciplines of design.
This is a design idea challenge only. There is no built commission/realization associated with the problem.

Submission / Key Dates

Registration Deadline: January 03, 2022
Submission Deadline: January 04, 2022
Winner Announcement: March 03, 2022

About the Organizer

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