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Architecture Firm Name: Hames Sharley

Website: www.hamessharley.com.au

Firm Location: Australia: Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Darwin, Brisbane

Founding Year: 1976

Caillin Howard / Managing Director

Caillin is the Managing Director of Hames Sharley. He has a high level of understanding in urban design, architecture and interior design particularly in the commercial, retail, residential and institutional sectors.

Caillin has established himself as a versatile designer and manager with experience in a wide range of projects of varying sizes, complexity and focus. He brings to any project his excellent management, interpersonal and communication skills and his ability to adapt and analyse briefs and conditions to successfully deliver a task on time, on budget and over expectations.

William Hames / Founder

William Hames is the Executive Chairman and founder of Hames Sharley. He is a qualified architect, urban designer and land economist with high-level skills in retail and commercial property development, including land development. He has considerable international experience, particularly in South East Asia, where he has been responsible for a number of major retail, resort and residential developments. His forte is placing urban design into a practical, commercial realm and creating vibrant civic spaces. His expertise in urban design and city planning has been recognized in the Design Advisory Committees of the City of Perth and currently the City of South Perth.

Practice Ideology

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With offices throughout Australia, Hames Sharley are a multi-disciplinary practice covering the specialist areas of Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Urban Development.

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