History of Architecture | Winner Announced

History of Architecture | Winner Announced


History of Architecture is about as long as the history of humanity itself, and almost as complex. It is the story of change in architecture across many different landscapes over time. Architecture has evolved with the dynamic social, economic and cultural aspects of the society. Having a strong understanding of how the architecture of the past had manifested helps us develop an appreciation of how architecture is being cast to benefit the civilization of today. 

Advancement technology has often made us question the bygone events and stature of historic landmarks. The study of the roots of these structures in history can inform us of pivotal elements of the past, accept the design mindset of the present and even envision what the built fabric of the future would look like.

The contest calls for an in-depth exploration of the history of architecture and its continuing influence on contemporary society.



History of Architecture | Winner Announced

Working is (back) home

A historic overview on the relation between architecture and work.

Joep Wijnen


Honorable Mention:

History of Architecture | Winner Announced

Modernizing History and Identity

A summary of what aspects of history shape our modern society and the continued influence of history on our design identity.

John Ombrog



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