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Home_2121 is a design architecture competition organized by Archiol in association with Artuminate.

The most significant architectural space that we experience throughout our life is our home, what will be the idea of home in the year 2121? With technological advancement in architecture, our idea of home has changed for the past 100 years and continues to do so even today. The competition expected the participants to propose a single-family home. Define how residents interact with the proposed design in graphical representation.

Home_2121 competition received 121 entries from around the world.

Explore the entire result Announcement on the competition WEBSITE.

Winners are as following:

Winner_ 1_bothy, No.2121 Conservatory Park
Naiyue Zhang

Home_2121_Winner 1_1

A bothy is an essential home, especially one for housing farm laborers or mountain refuges. I expect this bothy can give future humans a place to go back, no matter what environment they live.

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Winner_2_ Round House
Gyu Jin Kim, Da Som Park & Hyeon chae Song

Home_2121_Winner 2

Along the way, I’ll take out the sewer and spray it in the desert. I don’t know when it will be, but this manure might make the land green again. It’s already dark as I follow the direction. I have to save the solar energy that I have stored during the day, so I should get ready to sleep early today. I’m going to stretch the structure again and fix it to the ground before I wrap it up for one day.

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Winner 3_ House for Dwelling or Lousier
Yu Fu

Home_2121_Winner 3

This research started with the thinking about social phenomena(sharing, communication, and dwelling in nature), using typology as a method, then designing the building through the extraction of types, the evolution of types, and the translation of architectural spaces in the future. The research proposes a flexible vacation home with multiple functions and flexibility. It is suitable for dwelling or leisure experience in the natural environment. “The Home of Dwelling or Leisure” will be a new type of building that has a diverse functional program and dynamic space in 2121.

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