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Project Name: Homefood

Practice: Landmak Architecture

Firm Location: Vietnam

Completion year: 2015

Project Location: Vietnam

Lead Architects: Ta Tien Vinh, Truong Tuan Chung

Design Team: Pham Dinh Hanh, Vu Nam Son, Le Minh Hoang, Do Tho Ha, Tran Viet Phu, Bui Huy Toan

Project Manager: Cao Son Hai, Doan Van Khang

Photo Credits: Le Anh Duc

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Project Description

(Text as submitted by the Architect)

The project of HOMEFOOD has been nurtured by the investor with an expectation to restore the purely natural and traditional farming methods of Vietnamese farmers. HOMEFOOD provides dishes and food cooked in line with the Macrobiotic diet and made 100% from plant-sourced, natural and organic ingredients.

We have designed a restaurant based on the philosophy of HOMEFOOD – which is renovated and expanded from part of an old building (headquarters of a state-owned company) built in the 1980s, located in a quiet and ancient quarter, and looking fairly old at the present time.

In the area where there are many historical landmarks to Hanoians, the construction of any building makes local people (normally accustomed to tranquility) become curious and wonder what we are building. Finally the work was completed with a combination of additional architectural elements and those renovated from one front part of the old building.

We offer design solutions to erase the boundary between the interior and exterior space (in – out), the roof and the ground (above – below), the old and the new (old – new), the quiet and the noisy. The restaurant is designed and built out of local and traditional tropical materials. Such architectural and construction methods and materials aim at creating spaces filled with Light and Emotion so that users (either the host or the guest) can have the most contact with nature, the land, and the sky, and purify their souls in the most peaceful way.


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