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Architecture Firm Name: Hous3

Website: www.hous3.pt/

Firm Location: Guimarães, Portugal

Fabio Costa 








Filipe Faria








Benjamin Machado








Practice Ideology

(Text taken from website)

Hous3 is a group of architects, designers, urban planners, engineers, builders, researchers, innovators and inventors from Guimarães, Portugal. The studio is currently involved in a large number of projects across Portugal. Hous3’s architecture emerges from a careful analysis of each of its customers, the territory and how the present life evolves and changes constantly. We believe that, in order to deal with the current challenges, we have to create an architecture that reaches the full balance between living, leisure, work and nature. We are constantly looking for the freedom to change the surface of our planet, in order to better adapt to our contemporary lives. We cannot predict the future, but we are fascinated by it. Hous3 provides architectural, design and construction services, with a critical view and highly competent professionals. The atelier’s philosophy is one of constant learning and change. Each new architectural project opens up new possibilities to be explored. We want to change the surface of our planet, one project at a time! And we aim to be a world reference in architecture.


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