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Project Name: House Between Walls

Practice: Reasoning Instincts Architecture Studio – RIAS

Firm Location: Ahmedabad, India

Completion year: 2016

Gross Built up Area: 2900 Sqft

Project Location: Ahmedabad, India

Lead Architects: Ujjaval Parekh, Bhairavi Dhoot, Krunal Mistry

Design Team: Vaibhav Gupta (Intern)

Clients: Aftab Khandwawala

Structural Consultants: Innovative Designs, Rutvik Dave

Photo Credits: Krunal Mistry

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Project Description

Text as provided by the Architect

Located on the outskirts of city of Ahmedabad, amidst barren agricultural land the clients desired to develop their 28000 sqft of plot into a private leisure weekend destination.  Away from the hustle bustle of the city, a small home of not more than 3000 sqft built up; required to have a large living space, kitchen and two bedrooms with a leisure pool complementing the large expanse of open land.

The house was envisaged as a linear and continuous space with the different activities to be confined within two parallel walls. The parallel walls were conceived with dual nature of being a load bearing wall as well as an interfacing membrane between the outside and the inside.  These walls not only make the in-between space column free but also help craft a monumental image of the house. The elevated floating volume intersects the parallel walls, accentuating the interrelationships and interaction between the walls. The house is truly based on the character of these strong walls and hence named as “House between walls”.The continuous spaces in between the walls allow sequential movement from public domains of the house to the private sleeping spaces.

The approach of the house is through a ramp perpendicular to the parallel walls that terminates at the large entrance portal punctured in the wall. This ramp is escorted with a screen wall orienting and leading the user into the space between the walls.  The large volume of the living space allows experiencing the scale of the walls within the house. This double volume space is flooded with morning sunlight filter through the clearstory screened windows manifesting into a light and shadow play.

The other large puncture in the wall leads to the landscape deck, the leisure pool and the floating pavilion through large pivot doors. This pavilion is designed as a space for nothingness alongside the pool.  The reflection of the pavilion in the water heightens the experience with the walls forming a complementing backdrop.

The second bedroom on the first floor is of a similar expression to that of the pavilion, defining a certain language of floating volumes along with the parallel walls. Overall the building sits on the vast land as a unified linear from with intersecting volumes with strong presence of built mass on the vast open greens


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