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Project Name: House in Fontinha

Practice: Aires Mateus

Firm Location: Lisbon, Portugal

Completion year: 2013

Gross Built up Area: 390 sqm

Project Location: Grândola, Portugal

Lead Architects: Inês Cordovil

Engineering: Betar, Promee, Campo d'Água

Contractors: Manuel Mateus Frazão

Collaborators: Ana Ria Martins

Others: Authors : Manuel Aires Mateus / Francisco Aires Mateus + SIA Arquitectura

Photo Credits: Fernando Guerra + Sergio Guerra, Juan Rodriguez

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Project Description

(“Text as submitted by architect”)

In the hills of Grândola, the house is a balance between a courtyard, a protected core relating to the sky, and an opening to the distant ocean view.

The topography is modeled to protect the house from the road and to open the spaces to a view of the ocean.

The perimeter delineates the interior rooms and the transitional spaces. Vertical volumetric spaces are occupied by elements that define functions and atmospheres.



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