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Entrepreneurial Pathways to Sustainability | Live Interview with Keyur Sarda | India



Shades of Green 2.0 | Live Interview Series

About the talk:

The talk is about an entrepreneur’s narration, more of learning from experiments, a commercial try given to main streaming the Appropriate Technologies. The building material taken as medium, being explored through multi prone approaches of manufacturing, training, consultancy and execution. The ecology which helped the survival of the enterprise strengthen our belief in people’s positive approach towards sustainability. The sharing includes hands on experience with different industrial wastes, C & D waste, Lime and range of construction techniques.

About Keyur Sarda:

Keyur Sarda, is a graduate of School of Building Science & Technology, CEPT university and exploring building materials is his passion. He Set up Kesarajn Building Center Pvt Ltd, at Ahmedabad, an entrepreneurial venture taken to address the growing demand of building materials with up-cycled materials. Exploration range includes natural material like mud, Lime Mortar, Industrial byproducts, utilization of C & D waste along with various construction techniques. He loves to share the understanding and ideas as faculty as well as in workshops.

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