Shades of Green | Live Interview with Architect Sanjay Prakash | India

Principal at SHiFt


Shades of Green 2.0 | Live Interview Series
About Sanjay Prakash:
Sanjay Prakash, B. Arch., A.I.I.A., is an architect with a commitment to energy-conscious architecture, eco-friendly design, people’s participation in planning, music and production design. Over the years, he has integrated all his work with the practice of new urbanism and sustainability in his professional and personal life. He is Principal Consultant of his design firm, SHiFt: Studio for Habitat Futures Architects and Engineers Pvt. Ltd., and was a partner of daat and Studio Plus, firms that predate his current firm. His name and work is mentioned in the twentieth edition of one of the main reference works in architectural history, A History of Architecture by Sir Bannister Fletcher.
About the Talk:
This is an illustrated slide lecture that will point out that mainstream architecture, which stressed code compliance, safety, and value for money, became green, with a stress on efficiency and substitution of fossil resources with renewable ones. The speaker shall then go on to explain how green is leading to sustainable (blue) architecture, which includes the concerns of sufficiency, equity, identity, and resilience, not covered by merely green architecture, with visual examples from the speakers’ own experience over the last 40 years in the field.

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