Sustainable built environment and the Developing World | Live Interview with Ashok B Lall | India



Shades of Green 2.0 | Live Interview Series

About the Talk

Taking the example of India, the talk tries to identify the reality on the ground of the processes and trends that are determining the growth of towns and cities. From this ground of reality the talk attempts to develop a theory of sustainability as a developmental practice. It attempts to identify the strategic actions regarding the built environment that might take urbanising India toward environmental security, social and economic equity with low carbon urban living. The talk cites some of the challenges that such a strategy faces and invites the audience to think about them as a collective – of the Professions of the Built Environment.

About Ashok Lall
Ashok Lall, b. 1948, is a practicing architect based in Delhi. His architectural practice is based on the principles of environmental sustainability and social responsibility. Engaged in architectural education since 1990, he has developed curricula and teaching methods to address environmental issues. He has published many articles and presented papers on environmentally sustainable design and has been an active member of institutions and groups promoting awareness and building competence in sustainable design of buildings. He is presently Design & Technology Chair at Kamla Raheja Vidyanidhi Institute for Architecture (KRVIA), Mumbai. His current interest is in developing strategies for sustainable urban development in the context of rapid urbanization.

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