The Vocabulary of an Indian Architecture | Interview with Sandeep Virmani



Shades of Green: Sustainable Building Approaches

About the Interview
Sandeep will present 15 projects. He will share his excitement of working with communities to discover their relationship with nature and converting them into projects that benefit not only them but provide a service and direction to humanity in general. He begins by discussing his influences, his introduction to ‘rurality’, his projects in the villages, and in the cities.

About Sandeep Virmani
He is an environmentalist, with training in Architecture. Based in Kutch, over the past 30 years he has working with communities all over India, celebrating their traditional knowledge in water management, food production, animal breed and seed conservation, building with natural materials and wild life conservation. He has set up two organizations, Hunnarshala Foundation to work on built habitats and Sahjeevan to work on ecosystems and her indigenous communities. He has recently begun writing stories and painting.

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