Introduction to Computational Design (Rhino+Grasshopper)

This workshop intends to introduce Rhino and Grasshopper to participants who have little or no knowledge about the software. In the first few sessions, Rhinoceros will be introduced, which will include 3d modeling, 2d drafting, rendering, etc…Following this, we will start with the grasshopper. We will see various components in grasshopper with a detailed understanding of data trees. In the last part of the workshop, we will use Grasshopper for fabrication, where the OpenNest plugin will be used. We will also create animations and do physics simulation using Kangaroo. Participants will learn to build catenary shells, tensile structures, and minimal surfaces. Algorithms like reaction-diffusion will be taught using kangaroo. At last, we will also learn how to create arrangements using terrain party and create city maps with the help of Elk.