Day 3 | Introduction to Grasshopper: Excersize 2


Posted on: June 23rd, 2020

Day 3 | Introduction to Grasshopper: Excersize 2

Date: 17.06.2020

Software used: Rhino6 , Grasshopper


Excersize 2

The exercise was to create a panel from a voronoi pattern. Random points were created using Populate 2D within the boundary of a rectangle. Then voronoi curves were generated using voronoi 2d at each populated point. The curves were scaled and then extruded. The extrusion was then capped to form a closed surface. The rectangle was extruded and capped. The final outcome was then achieved by Boolean of the extrusions of voronoi and Rectangle using solid difference.

Tools Used: Rectangle, Populate 2D, Voronoi 2d,Area,  Scale, Loft, Extrude, Solid Difference.

Random Points in rectangle.


Voronoi curves around each point.


Scaling of the voronoi curves.


Extrusion of the scaled voronoi curves.


Final outcome from the solid difference between extrusion of  scaled voronoi curves and rectangle.


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