Day 4 | Introduction to Grasshopper: Task 1& 2


Posted on: June 27th, 2020

Day 4 | Introduction to Grasshopper: Task 1& 2

Date: 18.06.2020

Software used: Grasshopper


Task 1

Tools Used: Box2pt , Populate 3d , Voronoi 3d , Sphere , Brep l Brep,

This script was done to learn intersection technique to generate form. The base form is voronoi 3d created through the points contained in a cube. Further,the curves of voronoi 3d are intersected with a sphere which is created from the centroid of the cube. The result of which is a spherical  voronoi.

Creating points within the cube using.


Voronoi 3d generated from the points in the Cube.


Creating a sphere using the centroid of the cube.


Intersection point of the sphere and voronoi 3d.


Final form generated from connecting the intersection points of the sphere and voronoi 3D.



Task 2

Tools Used: Curve, Loft , Isotrim , Deconstruct brep , 4pt surface , Area ,Move.

This exercise was to learn modeling using triangulation  technique to create 3 dimensional modules in grasshopper. For this, the base surface was created in rhino 6.The surface was then assigned in grasshopper and a triangulated surface was created using a 4pt surface. The centroid  of the individual triangulated surface was created and was moved perpendicularly. Further, a triangular surface in 3rd dimension was created using a 4pt surface again by connecting base points and the centroids.

Creation of surface in rhino and assigned in grasshopper.


Sub dividing the surface in smaller units using isotrim command.


Moving centroid perpendicularly, away from its origin point.


Line segment created by connecting origin and moved point of centroid of the triangulated surfaces.


Final module after connecting vertices of the triangulated surfaces and the centroids.


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