Day 1 | Introduction to Rhino 6

Beginning the Workshop: Introduction to Computational Design


Posted on: June 19th, 2020

Day 1 | Introduction to Rhino 6

15 June, 2020

Software used: Rhinoceros 6, Grasshopper (Plugin)

Tools Used: Box, Polyline, Curves, Material, Texture Mapping, Loft , Patch, Boolean, Move, Clipping Plane, Make 2d, Print display, Drafting-layout-viewport, Scale, Mirror, Rotate, Pipe, Sweep1-2, Revolve, Cplane, Polar array

What did the session cover?

Today’s session was introduction of Rhinoceros 6.

The session covered basic tools required for 3d modelling, followed by demonstration of creating a Room and Openings on the wall using combination of  different tools in rhino. The session ended by learning to cut section of a 3d Model and to generate 2d drawing in layout for fabrication or presentation. Students were assigned to design a furniture using Rhino6 as a short exercise.

Exploring various Boolean tools.


Cutting Section from top.


Material application.



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