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Architecture Firm Name: Jacky. W Design

Firm Location: China

Founding Year: 2017

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Jacky Wang

Jacky Wang is the founder and design director of JACKY.W DESIGN (JWD), with 9 years of working experience in the interior design field. His philosophy is “design for life, live for a better design”. Jacky believes that it’s an enjoyment to do the things we like. He enjoys the improvement brought by design, and strives to integrate design into life.





Practice Ideology

JACKY.W DESIGN (JWD), established in 2017 by Jacky Wang, is dedicated to providing design services, aiming to improve the brand image and market competitiveness of clients. As opposed to pursuing grandness, luxurious and fancy environment blindly, JWD believes that the design of commercial space should be consistent with the style and needs of targeted users. Therefore, looking into the brand and vision of the client as well as the project location is always the first step for JWD to carry out the design. From design, material selection to the completion, JWD provides full services to the client throughout the project. With the motto of “Design for life, live for a better design”, JWD firmly believes that the best way to reward the clients and life is to concentrate on and improve the design.

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