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Architecture Firm Name: Juan Caidedo Architects

Firm Location: Medellin, Colombia.

Juan Guillermo Ca

Juan Caicedo, Pasto 1981. Visual artist (2007) from the National University of Colombia and Master degree in art in public space (2010) from Bauhaus Universiät Weimar.

Exhibits in solo and group shows since 2006 in Bogota, Medellin, Weimar, Erfurt, Sarajevo, London and Paris, in various museums, galleries and projects in public space.

He has taught in design and art programmes in various universities in Medellin, including Colegiatura Colombiana de diseño and Bellas Artes. Is currently an Auxiliary professor in the Art department of the National University of Colombia.

Winner of the 2009 installation art grant from Medellin’s city hall, and the Medellin a cielo abierto (open skies Medellin) public sculpture commission with Monumento a la protesta (A monument to protests), currently under construction.

Mention at the XXV Biennial of Architecture of Colombia with the Casa de la Memoria de Pueblo Bello.

Practice Ideology

(Text as submitted by the Architect)

I use humour and the absurd to dismantle semantic connections and the reception of situations that would be otherwise easily politzisable, questioning the transcendent and the banal from a distant yet relentless gaze. In my artistic Practice I resort to strategies such as the ritualization of the mundane in a denial of the metaphysic or violence and lying as creative methods. My works often answer to cryptic and subjective systematic premises as a result of a set of intuitive pre-established rules that are latter conceptually postconstructed. My constructions are minimal variations of every-day situations and deal with the place of intimate matters in the context of the collective, the weight of the individual experience in the public sphere.

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