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SAVE Law Office | Studio Course

Project Name: Law Office

Practice: Studio Course

Completion year: 2018

Project Location: Pune, India.

Lead Architects: Kalpak Shah

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Project Description

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Concept Note:

As a studio philosophy, we abide by using maximum natural materials and try to create space that are minimal, functional, simple and beautiful. Since the office space is only 700 Sqft and the client had ample requirements of conference, reception, workspace and a private office, we broke down existing walls to create the perception of a big space and not only cater his requirements but also make it clean and sophisticated environment to work.!


Design Process:

The Lawyer’s office works on the idea of having transparency in the working. Facades are made of aluminum profile with glass to achieve the transparency, expanse in the room, shut audibility from one room to another and at the same time be economical. Clean lines, customized wooden furniture and use of natural materials define this space.

The varying sized RCC structure of columns, beams and slab are exposed in Grey plaster and are used to enhance the design, instead of hiding them. The neatly designed space and uncluttered furniture try to bring the sophistication needed for the work environment.




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