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The Legendary Bird Home competition saw Bee Breeders partner with Birdly for the first in their series of design competitions focusing on raising awareness of global environmental issues. Birdly, a socially-responsible start up that aims to support environmental activism worldwide through funds raised by selling bird homes, tasked architecture and design enthusiasts with creating a self-assembling bird home kit that would fund their efforts.

The winning design came from Fabian De Vriendt, Arnout Stevens and Mathias Spiessens from Ghent University in Belgium. Their KNOEST project featured a 100% recyclable mould that customers could use to create their own birdhouses from their choice of construction materials. The jury selected this project as the winner because of its adaptability and versatility. It allows users the opportunity to use any biomaterial for construction, and each birdhouse can be scaled and adapted for a different species of bird.


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Second and third place winning projects were House3 by Kenyo Jacob Musa, Ifta Khairul Ridan and Thai Cao Nguyen from the University of Manitoba in Canada; and The Burrow Project by Kerry Kyriakou from Cyprus. The projects used innovative design to make the birdhomes more practical and familiar to the birds that would nest there. House3 had a slanted front which makes it easier for nesting birds to leave, while The Burrow Project replicated natural underground birds’ nests in their design.


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For more information and high resolution images of the winning entries, visit – https://beebreeders.com/architecturecompetitions/birdhome2020/

For more information visit: https://beebreeders.com/architecturecompetitions/birdhome2020/


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