Leisure Harbor | Winner Announcement


Posted on: August 31st, 2021

Leisure Harbor | Winner Announcement


Regardless of one’s origins, everyone is somehow fascinated by harbors. What is the role of harbors in the web and smartphone era then? This is the question Leisure Harbor aims to answer. This is the competition by BT and Marina di Loano to define the future of harbors by redesigning one of the 10 most important marinas of Europe. It is indeed a remarkable opportunity to rediscover harbors as lively places, city epicenters overlooking the sea and privileged cultural and social places.

Winners of the competition are as following:

Winner_ 1_ MDarchitetti
MEMBERS: Carlo D’Alberti, Alessandro Massaro

 Leisure Harbor _Winner 1

Winner_2_ Picture to Oneself
MEMBERS: Pavlo Babiienko

 Leisure Harbor _Winner 2

Winner_3_ Rēs Design Studio
MEMBERS: Veronika Merlin, Michele Corna

 Leisure Harbor _Winner 3

Explore the entire result on the Competition WEBSITE.

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