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Architecture Firm Name: Link Architects


Firm Location: Sweden, Norway, Denmark

Practice Ideology

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LINK Arkitektur is a leading Scandinavian architectural business in Denmark, Norway and Sweden. Good architecture creates the basis for a good life. Good architecture contributes positively to sustainable social development. Good architecture is pleasing to the eye and fine for the mind.

Our ambition is to contribute to achieving essential societal and sustainability goals related to public health, climate, and sensible use of public resources. In LINK, we want to step outside the traditional box as an architectural firm and focus on development and transformation to drive society’s development. We strive to be a knowledgeable and rewarding team member for our partners through visionary goals and a strong drive in value creation. By taking an extended social responsibility, we want to improve social, economic, and environmental conditions with projects of high architectural quality.

Architectural quality involves functional, technical, and formal aspects. It is about a holistic perspective where you create a clear identity, teamed with the surroundings, and where aesthetics and inspiration are paramount. Where inclusion and universal design are handled. Ultimately, it is about adding extra value to the people, whether it is the patient at the hospital, the student at the university, or the tourist on the harbour promenade.

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