London Festival of Architecture Aims to Raise Awareness About the Industry



Richelle H. Concio| Sciencetimes | Jul 01, 2019 08:49 AM EDT

Architecture is one of the most celebrated professions in the construction industry. Most likely because the field provides one of man’s basic needs, which is shelter. In many countries, architecture is paid homage to by setting month-long celebrations. While some countries celebrate architecture week, and architecture month, London celebrates architecture through a festival.

Just recently, London had its festival of architecture which is celebrated throughout the month of June. The celebration of architecture in London is the largest festival of architecture in the world. For this year, the theme of the festival is “boundaries”.

This festival might sound like an exclusive celebration for practicing professionals but in reality, the program is not only catering to those in the construction field but also to all the people who would like to join in.

Included in the celebration are exhibitions, installations, guided walks, workshops, pop up events such as “parklets”, river trips, kids drawing competitions, and there is even a Lego competition. Of course, conferences and learned talks will always make the list.

This event is also a chance for architects to promote their scope of work, whether their projects are in London or across the globe. It has been said that the architectural festival in London is a chance for emerging young architectural talent to come forth with their voice and energy.



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