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Architecture Firm Name: MCVR Arquitectos


Founding Year: 2014

Design Team: Marta Pérez Sebastián

Engineering: Alberto López Rodríguez

Landscape: Teresa Feijoo López

Collaborators: María Gosende Duarte

(“Text as submitted by the Architects”)

Marcos Cortes Lerín




Víctor Rodríguez Prada




Practice Ideology

The intention of our architecture goes through the detection of traces, milestones and pre-existing elements in the different places we work. From its analysis and synthesis, coherent response to the environment is elaborated from sustainability, good execution and an avant-garde perspective. The answer usually synthesizes the sum of intentions to the maximum, prevailing a formal economy and granting advantages to environmental and spatial issues, suppressing ornament and enhancing the quality of the habitat as much as possible.

The result is manifested in an ordered, rational and absent-of-aesthetics architecture focused on solving habitat problems and developing cutting-edge construction solutions that facilitate the best execution of the work.

On the other hand, the studio develops teaching and research work that materializes in collaborations with public and private entities with which we share interests. From this approach to different agents arises the possibility of adopting varied prisms that allow a better understanding of contemporary reality, which tries to enter the different architecture competitions in which we participate. Ultimately, the solutions adopted in these competitions advance the mechanisms that we deem appropriate to give the best possible response to the demands of nowadays society.

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