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SAVE (Mild Steel) M.S. Office | UA LAB

Project Name: (Mild Steel) M.S. Office

Practice: Urban Architectural Collaborative [UA LAB]

Products: Hunter Douglas, Saint-Gobain, Daikin, Sathiya Tiles

Firm Location: Ahmedabad, India

Completion year: 2019

Gross Built up Area: 125 sq m

Project Location: Ahmedabad, India

Lead Architects: Vipuja and Krishnakant

Design Team: Kruti, Mitul

Others: Carpentry work: Kailash Mistry | Steel Fabrication: Bharat Trivedi | Art : Mahendra Kadia, Bansi Khatri

Photo Credits: Ishita Sitawala

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Project Description

Text as provided by the Architect

The design traverses through the dimension of creating Transparency and Opaqueness. The spaces reveals and un-reveals themselves through intricately designed space dividers.

Mild Steel, Glass and Wood are the primary materials used in the design. Combinations of these materials are detailed to create Space dividers, Furniture, Lighting fixtures, Ceiling details and Wall Murals.

Mild Steel works as the main structural frame to combine Glass and Wood. Orthogonal geometry with the permutation of horizontal and vertical lines is used to create interesting surfaces. Glass, Wood and Mild Steel are used in their natural form to design simple yet elegant interiors.

The Space dividers scoop out separate working spaces from the common multi-functional office space. The privacy of these separate working spaces need to be maintained. The Space dividers are a combination of Transparent and Opaque surfaces. The transparent surfaces are kept clear and smooth within the simple orthogonal geometry. The opaque surfaces are worked out with the combination of wood panel, colored surfaces, wooden louvers and Mild steel frame. The Dividers show an interesting combination of Clear Glass and layers of opaque surfaces intricately designed.

When traverse through the office space interesting play of Transparent and Opaque interiors revealing-unrevealing it self is experienced. The clear glass creates multiple interior reflections making the spatial experience evocative.


Mild Steel is used in the Furniture as the main structural member. For the Working tables and the sofas, simple Mild-Steel frames are designed. The Tabletops and the Seats are then lodged in these frames. This gives a cleaner finish to the furniture making the structure distinctly visible.


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