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Brief: To design a concept of Mobitecture – ‘Habitat on the move.’ It could be a device for living with no wheels, one or two wheels, three wheels, four wheels or more, could be water, ice, or airborne. It could be none of these, a combination of any or all of these.

Powered by hands, feet, propellers, sun, wind in conjunction with means and mediums mechanical, digital, robotic, or AI-driven.

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Winner_ 2121: A Sky Nomads

An advanced aircraft, WC-260 Hercules, and a group of engineers rebuild atmospheric oxygen levels by spreading genetically modified seeds to the air. After the time of Earth’s geomagnetic reversal, they are the only hope to rescue human civilization.


“We are situated after the time of earth’s geomagnetic reversal. Due mainly to a weak magnetic field, a massive amount of cosmic radiation irradiates the earth’s surface. It kills most of the plants, which causes the atmospheric oxygen level to dramatically decrease.



Most of the species, including both plant and animal kind, are currently facing extinction. All survivors reside underground in order to prevent the communication from high radiative exposure.


The aircraft, WC-206 Hercules, is a moving seed laboratory that can genetically modify plants. These plants can adapt to the high radiative environment and efficiently produce oxygen in the atmosphere. The ship equips a seed production line that assembles them into a shell. Those seeds will then be launched and spread into the sky.


Within a few decades, the oxygen level will return to habitable levels and reconnect the food chain.  In doing so, the ecosystem will gradually recover and reconnection between food chains will be produced. Our mission is to ensure our children can eventually return back to the life of the land.”

Mobitecture W1

Jury Comment

Brilliant concept. However, might be even stronger if the physics of the object was more feasible like a drone. Well done._ James Law 

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