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Architecture Firm Name: NArchitekTURA


Firm Location: Krakow, Poland

Practice Ideology

(Text taken from website)

NArchitecTURE = Nature + Architecture

NArchitekTURA I NArchitecTURE is a design and research group founded and led by Bartosz Haduch. The multidisciplinary office takes on various activities: from urban, landscape, architectural, interior, graphic or industrial design to journalism. Currently the core of the practice consists of Bartosz Haduch, Łukasz Marjański, Michał Haduch and Michał Sapeta, but depending on specificity of particular projects the group collaborates with numerous specialists, ranging from structural engineers and technologists to sociologists, biologists, artists or fashion designers. The name NArchitecTURE derives from combining of two words: nature and architecture. This correlation and symbiotic connection are crucial to the work of the practice, which incorporates natural materials and processes into architecture. Sustainable development, ecology, recycling, climate or seasonal changes and cycles, light, shade, time – and the impact of the above-mentioned aspects on human life – these are the main issues explored by the group. The practice’s interests are also centred on different ways of notation of information: music, image, text etc. Inspirations for particular concepts can be found in various, sometimes contrary sources: from scientific research to intuition, from history to futurology, from botany to behaviorism, from technology to art, from beauty to the ordinary. NArchitecTURE and Bartosz Haduch have been honored with numerous awards: e.g. selection for 30 most talented young offices in the world by Wallpaper * Architects Directory 2010 and first prize in an international competition for a design of an Embassy of Europe.

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