Navrachana…Studio-III…A joint session and third stage…


Posted on: September 6th, 2014

Navrachana…Studio-III…A joint session and third stage…

A joint review between the two studios was organized on last Saturday(30/08/14) at navrachana architecture college. CEPT students brought the photographs of their models, composed on A2 sheets. The idea of having a joint session was to learn by looking at others work, and interact with other students, who are exploring similar directions.

During the second stage students have explored various model-making materials for the selected first-stage models. The intention of the second stage was to allow the form to change as per the demand of new material. Although, many of the students ended up imitating the same form in the other materials, there were some good explorations of the materials as well. Following are some of the second stage models.

Last Thursday(04/09/2014), the third stage of the exercise has been announced at the Navrachana studio. In this stage students will try to address the practical aspects of the program with the selected second-stage models. So far, the exercise has completely dwelt upon the abstract realm, where no physical attributes were assigned to the models. The sketches and models attempted by the students work as diagrams that represent the topic with which the students started the exercise. This stage will be the first step taken by the students to bring these diagrams into the physical realm. For the CEPT students, second stage will continue this week till next Wednesday(10/09/2014).

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