Navrachana…Studio-III…Review and second stage…


Posted on: August 17th, 2014

Navrachana…Studio-III…Review and second stage…

The first stage of the project, which started three weeks ago, has almost come to an end. During this phase, students have been trying to exhaust the topic with abstract models. A desk-to-desk review  was held last Thursday(14/08/14), where students presented their studies, and the models. Some of the students, who have managed to reach a level, were allowed to proceed to the second stage of the project.

In the second stage students have to select one/two models, which come closest to the topic, with the consent of the faculty. These models have to be tried-out by changing the model-making materials, at-least four to five times. Each new material has distinct properties of its own, which should be given respect. Instead of forcing an existing form on the new material, the form should adapt itself to the new material. This stage will open-up new directions in the process by adding another layer of abstraction. Following are some images from the review.

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