[News] Errum Manzil in Hyderabad structurally sound: INTACH



Express News Service | NewIndianExpress | Published: 07th July 2019 09:10 AM

HYDERABAD: Dismissing the claim that Errum Manzil is dilapidated and in a bad condition, the Indian National Trust for Culture and Heritage (INTACH) found in an inspection that the palace was structurally sound, and that its foundation was strong.

The INTACH team, comprising experts from heritage conservation, structural and architectural fields, found Errum Manzil “to be structurally sound in substructure and in super structure.” The team found that the building does have substantial architectural and historical value, being a legacy building constructed with load-bearing walls in stone for foundation and in red burnt bricks. “It is to be noted that the exterior and interior masonry is considered an important heritage character defining element,” the INTACH report said.

The team said that the present condition of the building was a result of mere negligence and that it could be easily repaired. According to the report, “The present condition of the building is a mere result of negligence and modifications, which were under taken before repairs and strengthening of building.”

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