Night Architecture | Winners

Night Architecture | Winners


Night Architecture is a theme that is part of the contest series ArchWeekly, a new brand of journal competitions inviting participants to engage in critical conversations on selected themes from several disciplines of architecture and design.

Humans invented buildings to cater to the basic shelter necessity. With time, monumentality became an underlying definition of building in architecture. The character of a building was evident during the daytime and it went missing at night. With this, a trend began in the 19th century to give buildings a unique expression at night.

The concept of night architecture was introduced by combining light with architecture to provide an expression to building at night time.The definition of night architecture has evolved over years with advancement in technologies. It can be temporary or permanent depending upon the function or event. With evolution and advancement, lights led to ramification and created a new issue about its liability.

The brief aims to open a dialogue that fosters the concept of night architecture through stories, accounts or even observations.




Jaya Eka

Night Architecture | Winners


City Lights Guide Us Into The Night

The role of illumination in night architecture


Honorable Mentions:


Ileana Thais

Night Architecture | Winners


From Day To Night…

Transformation of architecture at night



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