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Project Name: OASIS Valleys

Practice: EssTeam Design Services LLP

Firm Location: Surat, Gujarat, India

Completion year: 2018

Gross Built up Area: 1860 sq m

Project Location: Chanod, Bharuch

Lead Architects: Snehal Shah, Saloni Shah

Design Team: Jignesh Purohit, Ketna Morkar, Ketan Patel

Clients: M/s O.A.S.I.S.

Structural Consultants: Hemant Shukla

Landscape Consultants: Mehul Patel

Photo Credits: Ishita Sitwala ( The Fishy Project)

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Project Description

(Text submitted by the Architect)

The ‘Oasis’ has been literally created by dense organic cultivation of over 6000 trees and plants in the barren ravines of the river Narmada at Chanod. When asked to design an institute in the hilly site, the first response was to minimise the footprint to minimise the disturbance to the ecosystem. This green building in unplastered brick construction is a simple rectangular block (12m x 80m) inserted in the valley between two hillocks, such that you enter the building from the terrace, sitting North-South, in the valley with the hills sloping down on the East, West and the North to create minimum disturbance to the rain water flowing through these ravines of River Narmada. The atrium having an interesting matrix of staircase and landing has become a place for some wonderful interactions. The very interesting aspect about this 5 storey structure is that the entrance is from the roof, and then one descends to the place where one wants to be. The project reflects oneness with nature, transparency articulates with client’s philosophy, flexibility for growth, possibilities, contextual, hygiene/ cleanliness, innovative, energy efficient, low capital. The site is located on a barren hilly land in the ravines of river Narmada with an area of 35,713 sq m, in a village named Chanod in the Vadodra district of Gujarat.

Entrance floor plan


Lungs creation- planting 5000+ trees to create an ecosystem of its own

Resource conservation by using discarded paver blocks in pathways

Integrity, pro- action and love- our natural response to create a building that would amplify these values

Honesty in material palette selected in its raw form



Project Location

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