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SAVE Office for The Sharpener Co. | andblack design studio

Project Name: Office for The Sharpener Co.

Practice: andblack design studio

Firm Location: Ahmedabad, India

Completion year: 2019

Project Location: Ahmedabad, India

Lead Architects: Jwalant mahadevwala, Kanika mahadevwala

Design Team: Aakhya Sharma, Akshay Shah, Nishit Jariwala

Clients: Sumit Jain

Photo Credits: Ishita Sitwala

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Project Description

(Text as submitted by the Architect)

Subtle details and extremely young and modern interiors, yet timelessness was our aim. The client had a keen interest in design and its process. We wanted to create a space which would be a perfect backdrop to a creative practice like theirs. Moments in the office which they could make their own and corners which they could celebrate using their own imagination. A deconstructed logo as art work on the wall is something we enjoyed doing a lot. Free Flow of spaces and understated designer furniture defines our design language for this office.




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