CEPT…Building Materials and Joinery…Day-1


On last Wednesday (06/08/2014) we had the first class for the ‘Building Materials & Joinery’ course, for the newly arrived batch of first year students. The construction stream at the undergraduate level has been reworked with the new curriculum. Under the new curriculum, three construction courses will be offered during the first three years, instead of six. The first year construction course focuses on building materials and joinery between the materials, the second year focuses on building elements and systems possible with these materials, and the last course focuses on building services. Following is the brief given to the students.

Building Materials and Joinery

The course in Faculty of Architecture, CEPT, especially aims to understand the contribution of building material and joinery in the making of architecture. It focuses on system, joinery, form of material, properties of material and its expression in architecture. This course assumes immense significance in any student’s academic life on several accounts. Firstly, it is a foundational course on building construction and more particular building materials. Secondly, it builds up necessary attitude within the student to gain experience by working with material. Thirdly, it makes student acquaint with basic principle that one can apply while dealing with new material and joinery in a building system. 
Scope of the Subject
  • Overview of building system and elements
  • Overview of structural system
  • Construction system and joinery
  • Building materials (Timber, Bamboo, Clay and clay products, Stone, Mortars, Ferrous metals, Non-Ferrous metals, and others)
  • Forms of building materials
  • Material properties (Physical properties, Chemical properties, and Mechanical properties)
  • Concept of joiery

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