CEPT…Studio-III…Image finalization…


Although the focus in the first two weeks was on the time-problem, the students were asked to simultaneously look for the images for their main project. They were also given some images by the faculty from which they could choose. Following are some images given by the faculty.

The students were asked to bring at least three different options for the images that fascinated them on Friday(01/08/2014). Students had already been offered a few choices for the program in the studio brief. They were also given freedom to come up with their own program, but it should be a simple-single function program. The images were finalized along with their program for each student.

Directions to move ahead:

  • The image selected by the student is actually the starting point of the process; it represents a topic. The student should first make an effort to find what is ‘obvious and not-obvious’ in the image through books, internet, videos, etc. He/she should try to understand the phenomena in three dimension.
  • The first step in the process is to express these findings in abstract manner. It could either be a sketch/CAD drawing/photograph or a model; preferably model. The student should attempt at least 8 to 10 such different expressions by next Saturday (09/08/2014).
  • This studio is divided in two parts; the first part(first half of the semester) is about applying heart. The student should drift freely without applying logic, or without being preconditioned. He/she should arrive at an abstract from from the image through this rigorous process. Whereas, the second part(second half of the semester) is all about applying mind. In this half we work out all the working details with their logic, and make building/place out of this abstract form.

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