CEPT…Studio-III…Review and second stage…


At the CEPT studio, first stage of the exercise has entered third week. A desk-to-desk review was held on last Wednesday(20/08/14), to mark the end of the first stage. Some of the students have managed to explore multiple directions from the topic, and come up with abstractions that do justice to the topic; these students have been given permission to proceed to the second stage. Rest of the students will continue to work on the first stage for a while, in order to reach the level. For the students who will be working on second stage, a selection of two to three models was made out of the multiple directions, which came closest to the topic. In the second stage of the exercise, students will try these models by changing model-making materials.

Directions for second stage:

  • Form is the result of material. Material channelizes your thoughts, and always influences what you do.
  • The task for the second stage is to take different materials and attempt the same model.
  • The intention is not to imitate the exact form in different materials. Let the form change, if material demands.
  • Let the selection of the materials be distinctly different. For example, if you have tried the earlier model in wires, now try with paper, mesh etc. The properties of the two materials are distinctly different; wire gives linear elements, where else paper or mesh will give planer elements.
  • Similiar, but not the same.
  • Let the program be at the back of your mind in the second stage. So if the ultimate goal is to make a pedestrian bridge, don’t start making towers. Let the compositions be linear.

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