The students have been introduced a time-problem in the first week. As a part of the time-problem they are given some abstract paintings by cubist masters, like Pablo Picasso, Ferdinand Leger, Georges Braque etc. The students can either select from the paintings given by the faculty or they can select on their own from any of these masters.

The students are asked to convert these paintings into three-dimensional composition using at least three distinctly different ways of making models. There is absolutely no restriction of the selection of the materials for the models, it is completely left on the way the painting is interpreted by the student.

These paintings are abstract depictions of the reality, as the artist has seen it. The idea here is to take these paintings to another level of abstraction by introducing the third dimension and the student’s own interpretation. There is also an inherent learning that by changing the model making technique the expression changes completely. This learning will be very useful in the main excercise.

These are some of the first attempts by the students. 

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