Day 2 | Introduction to Grasshopper



Date: 16.06.2020

Software used: Rhino6, Grasshopper


Excersize 1

This exercise was to get familiar with basic components their functioning in grasshopper such as Box 2pt , Rotate ,Series and Move.

Tools Used: Box 2pt, Rotate, Move, Series.

Box created using Box 2pt.


Rotation of the geometry in XY plane. The axis of rotation is 0,0,0, coordinates.


Rotation of the geometry in the YZ plane. The axis of rotation is the centroid of the geometry.


Creating an array of geometry using series command. Angle of rotation between each consecutive unit is the same.


Excersize 2

Software used: Rhino6 , Grasshopper

The exercise was on generating triangulated frames/panels from a doubly curved surface. The surface was created in rhino and assigned to grasshopper. The surface is then divided into smaller units using isotrim .Furthermore, any three vertices of  the subdivided models were connected to create triangulated surfaces by using the 4pt surface. The curves from the triangulated surfaces were offset. The offset curves and base curves are lofted to create a surface between these curves. Finally, the surface is extruded.

Tools Used: Curve, Loft, Isotrim, Deconstruct brep, Join curve, 4pt surface, offset curve, Sort List, Amplitude, Extrude.

Surface created in rhino assigned in grasshopper.


Sub dividing the surface into triangulated surfaces.


Offset of the curves.


Surface created after loft between base curves and offset curves.



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