Natural Building – Basics


About Workshop

What Is It?

This will be a 3 day hands-on experience on the basics of Natural Building.


Sacred Groves at Auroville, an international township in the South of India, dedicated to the goal of human unity.

Why one should attend

Experience Auroville’s broad range of architecture through hands-on work, understanding the use of Natural building materials, including other interdisciplinary components such as the use of renewable energy, dry compost toilets, waste management and rain water harvesting.

You can learn how to identify different properties of earth, lime-how to procure it, prepare it and learn different ways of using it in your building. The interactive sessions will create a fast learning environment that covers theory and practical hands-on sessions. Participants get an opportunity to ask questions and get involved in discussions. Additionally, the diversity of site visits give participants a rich tapestry of different approaches and styles of building, along with an experience of Auroville, a city with a soul, in development.

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Expected participants are professionals, students, homeowners and sustainability enthusiasts seeking an insight into sustainable practices in Auroville in areas such as energy, water and waste management and unique building techniques, materials and designs.

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