The new semester at Navrachana began on 14th July,2014, a week before CEPT. Second year students, at Navrachana also, were given a time-problem during first week of the semester, after which the main exercise started. The students will be offered two projects in this semester. The first project is ‘Abstraction’, which will go on till mid-semester. During the first half of the semester CEPT and Navrachana studios will run parallel to each other. In the second half Navrachana students will be given a completely different project, and the first project(Abstraction) will be detailed out in the construction subject. The students will make 1:20 scale detailed models of the same as part of the construction subject. Whereas at CEPT this process of detailing and model-making will happen as part of Studio during the second half of semester.

Yesterday was my first day at Navrachana this semester. The project is in third week, and the students have already made multiple attempts in expressing their observations in abstract manner. The trick is to capture the essence of the topic and express it through model, without imitating the shape of the object.

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