SEDA – Urban Design Studio – Stage-4 – Mid-semester Review…Group-1…

SEDA – Urban Design Studio – Stage-4 – Mid-semester Review…Group-1…


After having done the case-studies and the site-analysis, students were divided in the groups of five. The first part of the design process dealt with five points identified in the ‘theme’: Program, Distribution of Program, Vehicular and pedestrian network, Urban open spaces, and Urban edges. Each student in the group picked one topic and worked out detailed strategies for the same.

Program: A detailed list of all the existing function of the site, and all the new functions that can be added based on 1.6 FSI (Floor Space Index/Floor Area Ratio)
Distribution of Program: Strategies for the distribution of program based on site-analysis and case-studies.
Vehicular and Pedestrian network: Strategies for the movement of people, vehicles, and parking based on site-analysis and case-studies.
Urban open spaces: Various scales of open spaces needed in the design.
Urban edges: Different ways in which the built-form can respond to the spaces and streets.

The set of rules and strategies and derived under these topics (‘theme’) helped the group to work out a master plan (‘scheme’) for the site. In the following posts the mid-semester work of the groups is presented.


Students: Aakansha, Aastha, Sagar, Stuti


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