Open for Registration: Grasshopper as a Tool | AUTUMN 2020

Workshop @ArchiDiairies


This AUTUMN 2020 ArchiDiaries is proud to launch the first workshop “Grasshopper as a Tool”  of the larger Grasshopper Series.

This is an introductory workshop to Rhino and Grasshopper. This workshop aims to introduce participants to the world of computational design through Rhino and Grasshopper. Once the basics of Grasshopper (barebones) and Rhino are covered, few plugins like OpenNest, Kangaroo 2, and Ekl will be introduced. These plugins will increase the potential of what we can do with both the software.

These topic will be explained through scripts for facades, furniture, sculptures, and installations. Clearing basic concepts is the prime agenda of this workshop.

In order to reach out to a large variety of people and as per feedback received from our previous workshops, in AUTUMN 2020 ArchiDiaries has launched evening classes with a more relaxed weekly schedule. This step has been taken to allow professionals and students to be able to participate post their daily working hours.

Currently there are three Workshops which have been launched. Participants can chose to attend whichever workshop they wish with Regular Registration, or they can avail discounted prices while registering for two or more workshops.


For Daywise Schedule of the workshop please visit the following Webpage.



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