Open for Registration: LT3: Triads of Creativity | WINTER 2020 workshop @Archidiaries



The aim of this workshop is to engage with the three critical nodes of creative learning and teaching: Cognitive Diligence, Social Integration & Emotional Resilience.

Workshop will emphasize on maintaining reflective journals, collaboration and peer reviews. The intent, however, is not to provide any template, but to offer processes to develop individuality and unique methods to become effective facilitators of care, curiosity & creativity. The theoretical premise of this course is the paradox that as teachers we are always learning and to learn better one needs also to teach.

As final outcome participants will have evolved sense of Cognitive Diligence, Social Integration & Emotional Resilience. Also, participants will have these in terms of analytical drawings, models, collages and other media.

All sessions are scheduled on at the evening time that participants can find some relaxed scheduled with their daily routine.

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