Open for Registration with Deducted Fees: Research Writing Workshop: For Architecture, Design and Planning | WINTER 2020 workshop @Archidiaries



The aim of the workshop to generate effective research writing for design fields of architecture, design and Planning.

During this workshop, participants will be explained specific elements of research writing including abstract and keywords, literature review, citations and plagiarisms, use of multiple sources and structures and editing. Workshop will focus on how to express the results of your research and field work in writing, develop critical reading skills, and integrate sources to make more effective arguments.

As final outcome there will be a polished writing skill in research from selecting the research theme to address the problems and present it to the audience through lecture sessions and individual discussions.

All sessions are scheduled on Wednesdays and Fridays at the evening time that participants can find some relaxed scheduled with their daily routine.

Registration ends on December 1, 2020. Book your seats now. 

Changed Fee structure is as following:

For Indian Nationals: 10,500 INR

For Other: $ 200

For more details about workshop please visit:


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