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Project Name: Orchid Piccadilly

Practice: Fadd Studio

Products: AutoDesk, Autocad, Sketchup, Adobe, Photoshop

Firm Location: Bangalore, India

Completion year: 2018

Gross Built up Area: 2000 SqFt

Project Location: Bangalore, India

Lead Architects: Farah Ahmed and Dhaval Shellugar

Design Team: Dheeraj Dhamu

Clients: Goyal Haryana Group

Photo Credits: Gokul Ram Kadam

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(Text as submitted by architects)

Minimal and sophisticated, this office is a breath of fresh air with its colour blocks and clean lined-furniture. Free of fuss and opulence, it makes a statement of less is more. Solid pastel linen textured wallpapers, oak wood, and cement tiles are the primary material. The use of several verticals carefully positioned gives the space a theatrical feel in a minimal way, making it seems like the screens would almost slide open and expose a different set. This is evident when one sees the entirety of the compositions from the outside. The multiplicity of these partitions allows each colour to stand out vividly and also sets the tones for a customer coming in to view the apartments that lie above. The marketing office gives a little taste of practicality, functionality and affordability in union with aesthetics; all the things one wants in their home.

This marketing office is located in one of Bangalore’s upcoming neighborhoods. The development here is targeted for young professionals and would be their first home or investment. In addition to meeting potential buyers for the development, the goal of the marketing office is to also be aspirational in design and represent the contemporary, economic and practical style of is homeowners. A lot of development is taking place here by several builders, so the competition is very high.

The builder wanted a simple solution to the marketing office, as it would be a temporary space until the building was fully sold and occupied. The design had to clean lined and straightforward but as the same time be trendy and stylish. He talked about the new generation wanted fuss-free, clutter free apartment. It had to be quick and also be cost effective. However, the main point was that the marketing office should not make the buyer feel intimated and so the design had to give off a sense of approachability to make the buyer feel comfortable and at ease.

We believed that through value engineering, we could use cost effective material, and choose simple shapes for quick executions and also achieve a trendy and simple but striking design. We created an open layout with partitions and panels with linear geometry to fulfil the needs of this office a workspace, a reception, visitor seating, lounge seating and meeting room. Using squares and rectangles we created an elevation playing with different heights and set these shapes one in front of the other. Once we finalized this we chose linen finished wallpaper in soft and striking shades of lilacs and greys. To break the monotony of colour, we used a light oak veneer in some of the shapes. For example the composition in the reception has a lilac grey as the back, followed by a rose pink, and the reception table is a wood. This gradation is modest yet prominent; it’s minimalistic yet full; it’s stylish but economical. Needless to say the client was convinced with the design and like us, believed that the potential buyers would relate to the contemporary and fuss free design. When one stands outside, there is a sweet spot where all the panels are visible and the combination of colours makes the entire set up feel like a product showroom (which this essentially is for the apartments!).

For the furniture, we used very modern upholstered pieces that are mostly neutral except for the back of the two chairs that are intentionally a deep crimson to work with the colour palette. Ceiling lights are long and cylindrical and just like the panel layers that are at different levels, these lights also stop at different heights and are true to the design. The floor lamp is also minimal with a longish circular shape. The arrangement of shapes and colours is positioned strategically to have an exaggerated yet minimal feel to inspire buyers to model their homes as stylishly and price consciously as the office they see.


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