Parques del Rio Medellín (Medellin river park) | Cauce Arquitectura del Paisaje + Juan David Hoyos

SAVE Parques del Rio Medellín (Medellin river park) | Cauce Arquitectura del Paisaje + Juan David Hoyos

Project Name: Parques del Rio Medellín (Medellin river park)

Practice: Cauce Arquitectura Del Paisaje

Firm Location: Medellín, Colombia

Completion year: 2013

Gross Built up Area: 86,925.56 m²

Project Location: Medellín, Colombia

Lead Architects: Sebastian Monsalve Gómez + Juan David Hoyos

Design Team: Arch. Viviana Velasquez Amaya Arch. Sebastián González Arch. Maria Paula rico pulgarin Arch. David Mesa Arch. Osman Marín Arch. Luis Alejandro Jiménez Arch. Andrés Santiago Fajardo Arch. Juan Diego Martínez Arch. Maria Clara Trujillo Arch. Alejandro Vargas Arch. Carolina Zuluaga Arch. Daniel Zuluaga Arch. Sara París Arch. Daniel Beltrán Arch. Daniel Felipe Zuluaga Arch. Alejandro López Arch. Andrés Velásquez Arch. Juan Camilo Solís Arch. Melissa Ortega D. David Hernández del Valle

Clients: Alcaldía de Medellín

Structural Consultants: OHL Construcción -Consorcio SSV-3

Landscape Consultants: Arch. Nicolás Hermelín

Photo Credits: Juan Sebastian Saldarriaga

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Project Description

(Text submitted by the Architect)

This project was born from a need of infrastructure improvement to the national highway that goes through the city, parallel to the river. The local administration saw the project as an opportunity to think beyond engineering and conduct a public competition where the main focus was to combine the highway with public space through the recovery of the city’s waterfront, an idea that had been in the making for 50 years.

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