Pearls of green | Landscape Design Competition

SAVE Pearls of green | Landscape Design Competition

Last Submission Date: November 02, 2021

Last Registration Date: November 01, 2021

Language: English

Country: Chicago, United States

Prizes: 24000$

Type: Open Competition

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About Competition

The challenge for the “Pearls of Green” is to design a park that is dedicated to the ‘Miegakure’ form of garden design.

‘Hide and Reveal’ is the essence of this concept and this dynamism generates a sense of rhythm. With this, the movement of light and darkness, the active and passive nature of spaces, and expansion and contraction in the layout are felt intensely by the person experiencing the garden.
The essence of Miegakure must be extracted in the design. The entire landscape must not be discerned from a single viewpoint. A sequence of views must be created and imagined as a composition from the viewer’s experience. Achieving harmony and balance is paramount.

The challenge here is making the geographical constraints of the site work in favor of the design. Playing with the levels on-site can help provide various iterations for design concepts. Transformation of spaces through framing or concealing, and the transition of the viewer’s gaze while walking on a fixed path, must be seamless.


The city is on the shore of Lake Michigan, and this affects the economy and the climate as well. Chicago was built with the motto of ‘City in a Garden’, hence the city has more than 570 parks with over 800 acres of parkland, which is visited by 20 million visitors, each year.

The site for this project is located along the shores of Chicago, USA. It is close to the Hollywood beach and a meditation point, which makes the location ideal for placing a transitional landscape, entering from the city, and walking towards a peaceful, getaway point.

For more information visit the competition WEBSITE.

Requirements / Eligibility

The competitions are open for students and professionals from all the disciplines of design.
The team limit for this competition is 4 members maximum per team.

Submission / Key Dates

Registration Deadline: November 01, 2021
Submission Deadline: November 02, 2021
Winner Announcement: December 30, 2021

About the Organizer

Unfuse serves as a unit for Uni in the field of Architecture. It intends to break the fusion of traditional design barriers and methodologies by making it a platform for experimentation and conceptual exchange of ideas in architecture, urbanism, society, culture, and ecology. It is a research initiative dedicated to providing opportunities for designers from all domains to explore ideas that go beyond the boundaries of architectural discipline and enrich our built environment; thereby opening up possibilities for the promotion of architectural thought at a global level.

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