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Plan B, theme of space has been explored much, over the years. Movies, series, storybooks, and other media have extensively covered imagining such spaces, and all of them have one image in their heads…the heavily metal fabricated, tech-savvy, automated geeks, running the operations.

This imagery holds true since they are derived from the current space technology and materials that have been developed. On other planets, the absence of atmosphere binds us inside a box, with restrictions on building materials, technology, and spatial design. That’s why our future life in space is imagined in the way it is.

Futurism is a very strong theme in these images, and we are still discovering the many elements that are encompassed in this vast universe. But with the way humans are faring right now, this seemingly imaginary situation might as well become a closer reality.

We need to make people aware of the possibility of bringing change to the world. When they imagine their life on Earth, a new vision of coexistence and harmony with nature must be generated in their minds.

Brief: To design a space experience center that emulates a new planet to be colonized from scratch and tries to educate its visitors on how our daily life choices as a species, define the future.



Plan B | Winners


 In the future not far from now, human beings will leave the safety of earth and face the rough situations waiting for them in Space. The question is that how are we going to be able to leave earth and explore space and other planets? We have used the meaning of museum to tackle this Concern.

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Plan B | Winners


Space Museum




POD-STELLAR Space Museum

Plan B | Winners



Plan B | Winners

Preserve Plan B

Plan B | Winners


ASTRO-POP Space Museum

Plan B | Winners


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