Point in Architecture | Winner Announced


Posted on: September 11th, 2021

Point in Architecture | Winner Announced


Point in Architecture is an architecture competition organized by Archiol in association with Artuminate. Primary elements in architecture are the basics of architecture design.

This competition aimed at exploring point as an architectural element through the ‘PERPECTIVES’ in architecture.

Find the entire result on the competition WEBSITE.

Winners of the competition are as following:

Point in Architecture_ By Shruti Teli

Point in Architecture w1

Winner_ 2
Point in Architecture_ By Swapnil Biswas

Point in Architecture w2

Winner_ 3
Point in Architecture_ By Madhulika Pandraj

Point in Architecture W3

Honorable Mentions

Honorable Mention_ Dana Ibrahim (Jordan)

Point in Architecture HM1

Honorable Mention_ Khyati Solanki (India)

Point in Architecture HM2

Honorable Mention_ Ruiqi Xu & Runze Tian (China)

Point In Architecture HM3

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