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Aamer Architects


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Mr Aamer Taher

Aamer Taher established his architectural practice in 1994 upon his return from studies in London and after several years of practice in reputable firms in the UK and Singapore, as he saw an opportunity to bring a different approach to Design and Architecture.

Aamer sees himself as an Artist with a soul, operating in an environment dominated by large corporations, more concerned with bottom line profitability.

Between attending schools and interning with firms, Aamer managed to indulge in the Arts, whether it was painting, pottery or roaming through the best museums all over Europe.

Although implicitly aware that a lifelong pursuit of an artist may not always fill the rice bowl, he remains adamant to relish in the importance of Art in life and the power it has to improve one’s well-being.

And this inclusion of Art into his personal psyche became a very important part of his journey as an Architect starting his own practice.

“For St John, I thought of creating a series of paintings based on iconic objects from our cultural history with the intention that the paintings will be put up along the common corridors as visual markers of their locations, especially for residents with memory difficulties.”

Practice Ideology

Right now, the biggest challenge in the industry is to find ways to limit the damage done to the environment. We need to be humble in our pursuit of the finer things in life. We always try to convince clients on the true meaning of good design and veer them away from wasteful consumption.

We wish to redefine the meaning of ‘luxury’ and hold hands with our clients toward a more sustainable future (by design). Promoting an understanding that good design can achieve more while consuming less energy and resources. That materialistic luxury can be ephemeral and true satisfaction can be achieved with less if we understand the psychology of comfort and pleasure.

We are always mindful and sensitive to the site and context of the places we operate in. We are conscious e.g. of the lack of space in land scarce Singapore and do our best to achieve privacy and a sense of place, in spite of the usually overcrowded situation.

We never repeat our designs, so every client is assured that they will receive a tailored, unique design based on their needs and values, and the best possible solutions for the space they inhabit.

We like to think that by going beyond their wishes we are able to enhance their lives, perhaps in ways they did not expect. In that respect, we see ourselves as the professional/expert engaged with the sole purpose of improving Life.

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